2021 LuxPin Weekly Travel Abstract from the Latest News W1 June

Week 01, June 2021

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ” Martin Buber

By LuxPin Team


1. Blue Apron Unveils New Italian Meals Inspired by Disney’s Upcoming Film, ‘Luca’

◆ Walt Disney Studios is bringing dishes inspired by its upcoming film “Luca” to life in its latest collaboration with Blue Apron. The film — premiering on June 18 on Disney+ — is about a young boy’s incredible summer on the beautiful Italian Riviera and will be celebrated by the meal kit delivery service with curated recipes reflecting the local cuisine.


2. Everything You Need to Know About Road Tripping in an Electric Car

◆ Your eco-friendly adventure awaits. Ready to hit the road? Here are some tips and tricks from experts, and even chat with some friends who drove their Tesla from Richmond, Virginia, to Yellowstone. Take a look at everything to create the ultimate guide to take an electric car road trip.


3. Experience California’s Redwood Trees on a Whole New Level — 100 Feet Off the Ground

◆ You’ll soon be able to take in California’s majestic redwood trees — the tallest in the world — on another level. On June 4, Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka will debut the Redwood Sky Walk, allowing visitors to wander along a quarter-mile route that’s 100 feet off the forest ground. The total out-and-back path is about 1,104 feet, making it the longest skywalk in the western U.S.


4. NYC’s Famed Club Cumming Is Heading to Maine for a Campy Summer Residency

◆ In May, award-winning actor, singer, producer, author, and philanthropist Alan Cumming announced he’s bringing his beloved New York City nightlife venture Club Cumming to the historic Kennebunkport Inn for a 15-week residency called Club Cumming on the Coast. Ready to party? During the month of June, Club Cumming on the Coast will honor Pride Month with a series of special programs, hotel packages, and experiences celebrating LGBTQIA+ visibility.


5. Here’s How to Go on a Safari Without Leaving Atlanta This Summer

◆ Illuminarium, a new immersive entertainment experience, aims to bring the African safari to life in Atlanta. This immersive safari experience is designed to take visitors to Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa — all without requiring a long plane ride.


6. 6 Traditional Foods You Absolutely Must Try in Puerto Rico

◆ From pastels to mofongo, these are the things you must eat when in Puerto Rico. You can expect rice and pork from the Spaniards, plantains from West Africa, spam and Vienna sausages from the U.S., and yuca from Taino ancestors. Here is a list of six traditional dishes and ingredients to eat on your next trip to Puerto Rico.


7. You Can Soon Fly ‘Quarantine-free’ Flights From NYC to Milan

◆ Emirates wants you to know it’s about both the destination and the journey. Emirates is ready to fly you on a quarantine-free vacation to Italy once again. Beginning June 1, passengers can fly from New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP) without the need to quarantine.

From left: A candlelit dinner at Schmaltz, in Stockholm; the façade of Östermalms Saluhall. | CREDIT: FROM LEFT: CC FREDRIK SKOGKVIST/COURTESY OF SCHMALTZ BAR & DELICASTESSEN; SIMON BAJADA

8. The Best Places to Shop, Stay, and Eat in Stockholm’s Coolest District

◆ In Stockholm’s Östermalm district, Nybrogatan — a pedestrian avenue that languished for years under scaffolding — has recently emerged as a vibrant stretch packed with exciting dining options, eclectic shops, and one of the city’s most anticipated hotels. Add these places on Stockholm’s Nybrogatan street, in the chic Östermalm district, to your must-see list.


9. This Famed Italian Day Spa Is Opening on Governor’s Island — Including Outdoor Thermal Pools With Skyline Views

◆ A little bit of Italian spa culture is coming to New York City. Governor’s Island will soon have a new place to relax and focus on your wellness. QC NY Spa, from the QC Terme Spas & Resorts in Italy, is set to open sometime this summer.


10. Paris Wants to Ban Car Traffic in the City Center by 2022

◆ As part of her ongoing campaign to reduce car use in Paris, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo recently announced her newest goal: to ban most vehicles from the city center by next year. This alone would eliminate 55% of total traffic — more than 100,000 cars — passing through this zone on average per day, city officials claim.


11. 50 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

◆ These are the best places to live in the U.S., according to Niche. Niche, a website that compiles profiles, ratings, and reviews for schools and places throughout the U.S., has gathered a list of the best places to live in the country so you can narrow your search (or see how your town stacks up).


12. How NoMad Turned a Legendary Courthouse Into London’s Coolest New Hotel

◆ The bold brand’s long-awaited first property outside the U.S. has transformed the Bow Street Magistrates’ Court without erasing its thrilling history. As of Tuesday, after years of changing hands and stalled plans followed by a global pandemic, a hotel it finally is — and NoMad London was worth the wait.

New River Gorge in West Virginia is America’s newest national park. Sean Pavone/Shutterstock; Preston Keres/The Washington Post via Getty Images

13. Photos show inside the newest national park New River Gorge, home to an abandoned mining town and one of the tallest bridges in the US

◆ New River Gorge in West Virginia, a natural wonder in the category of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, was named America’s newest national park in December 2020. It has attracted adventurers for years with its whitewater rafting and rock climbing. It’s also home to trails that explore the remnants of an abandoned mining town, Nuttallburg.

Courtesy of Kayleigh Price

14. I worked at Disney World for 2 years. Here are 10 things I wish tourists would stop wasting money on

◆ As a former Disney World employee, I’ve discovered a few ways to save money in the parks. You don’t need to buy expensive bottles of water or multiple refillable popcorn buckets. Parking, fancy resorts, and impulse souvenirs can also add unnecessary costs to the vacation.

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