2021 LuxPin Weekly Travel Abstract from the Latest News W2–1 July

Week 02–1, July 2021

“You can’t have a narrow mind and a thick passport.” 〜Pauline Frommer

By LuxPin Team

Divers experience Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest swimming pool in the world, reaching 60 meters, on Saturday. GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images

1. The world’s deepest diving pool just opened in Dubai, and it’s complete with a sunken city. Take a look inside.

◆ Dubai is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the biggest shopping mall, and the largest fountain. Now the “City of Superlatives” is adding another title to its list: The world’s deepest indoor diving pool. At nearly 200 feet deep, Deep Dive Dubai is the deepest pool for diving in the world. The pool is filled with 3.7 million gallons of water, also equipped with 56 cameras to keep divers safe.


2. Virgin Galactic’s Successful Test Flight — With Richard Branson on Board — Brings Us One Step Closer to Space Tourism

◆ On Sunday, the Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson became the first billionaire to fly aboard his own spacecraft, Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22, into space at an altitude of 53.5 miles, marking a major step in the future of commercial space tourism.

A thermometer display shows a temperature of 130 Degrees Fahrenheit (54 Degrees Celsius) at the Furnace Creek Visitor’s Center at Death Valley National Park on June 17, 2021, in Furnace Creek, Calif.| CREDIT: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP VIA GETTY

3. June 2021 Broke Records As the Hottest June on Record in the U.S.

◆ The average temperature in the contiguous U.S. in June was 72.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a full 4.2 degrees above the average, according to NOAA. The high temperatures, propelled in part by an extreme heatwave that gripped the Pacific Northwest, made June 2021 the hottest June in 127 years of records being kept.

Gap of Dunloe in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland| CREDIT: CHRIS HILL/GETTY IMAGES

4. The 11 Most Incredible National Parks Outside the US, According to T+L’s A-List Advisors

◆ There are hundreds of stunning national parks all over the world, from lush lakes in Croatia to wildlife sanctuaries off the coast of South America. If you’ve already checked some of America’s national parks off your list, you’ll love these national parks around the globe. Read on to see what special places they can’t get enough of.


5. 16 charming Airbnbs near wineries for couples, friends, and families looking to sip wine and savor views

◆ Wineries make for a great gourmet getaway or a trip surrounded by nature and stunning scenery. While a day spent sipping pinot at a winery is lovely in itself, making a trip out of it allows you to linger for extra glasses or to hop between vineyards. From charming cottages to mod guest houses with pools, converted barns to rustic log cabins, wine country offers Airbnbs with plenty of personalities.


6. The Best Mexican Resorts for a Socially Distant Vacation

◆ With miles of beaches, endless sunshine, and a variety of resorts, Mexico is an ideal destination for a socially distant vacation. These 16 resorts offer privacy and relaxation, from Baja in the west to Cancun in the east.

Nathanael Hovee / EyeEm/ Getty Images

7. The 8 best hotels in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, from family stays with water parks to hotels with hiking trails

◆ Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge have tiny populations, but the sister cities see 10 million visitors each. All those tourists equal lots of attractive hotels in these eastern Tennessee mountain towns. Visitors come here for outdoor attractions like the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as theme parks.


8. 8 Cruises To Celebrate Your Retirement, According to T+L’s A-List Advisors

◆ You’ve worked hard to reach this phase of life, so plan a trip that allows you to take your time exploring new destinations. Here are the best cruises to take upon your retirement, from ships that take you to stunning tropical islands to those that deliver you to culturally enriching historic sites. Whether it’s your first time aboard, or you’re a longtime cruise-lover, you’re sure to find the perfect option to toast this new phase of life.


9. LAX Is About to Open What May Be the Most Luxurious Lounge a US Airport Has Ever Seen

◆ The exclusive offsite terminal at LAX gives those flying commercial the feeling of traveling privately like a billionaire, ultimate privacy, amenities and all, without the investment. And July 30, PS reveals a more sociable take on its patented exclusivity with The Salon, a lounge offering many of the same perks at a fraction of the cost.


10. LAX’s New COVID-19 Testing Lab Yields Test Results in 3 Hours

◆ As a negative COVID-19 test has become as vital as a passport for travel these days, Los Angeles International has opened an on-site testing lab with the capability of performing rapid tests. The rapid COVID-19 PCR tests, yield within three to five hours.


11. Iceland’s 4-day Workweek Proves to Be ‘Incredible Success,’ Study Says

◆ Permanent three-day weekends could soon be more than just wishful thinking. An Icelandic study released this week showed that reduced four-day workweeks are not only more efficient but also helped relieve stress and burnout for employees.


12. Hawaii Is Giving Away Hundreds of Goats to Save a Historic Park

◆ The Aloha State is hosting a lottery to offer up hundreds of goats that are threatening to destroy a historic national park. The animals are actually considered to be an invasive species, despite being quite adorable, and have completely taken over the Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park. The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) will host the lottery and is expected to give away about 700 goats to members of the public.

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