2021 LuxPin Weekly Travel Abstract from the Latest News W3–1 July

Week 03–1, July 2021

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” 〜John Gardner

By LuxPin Team

1. Catch the Best Shooting Stars of 2021 Next Month — Here’s Where to Look

◆ Every year in August, the night sky grows even more wondrous when the Perseid meteor shower takes place. In fact, NASA considers the annual event “the best meteor shower of the year,” since the fast and vibrant space rocks often leave long streaks of light and color behind. The August Perseids that has earned the reputation as the best light show in the sky.

2. The Biggest Astronomy Museum in the World Is Opening in Shanghai — and We Spoke to the Architect

◆ Designed by Thomas J. Wong of Ennead Architects, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, opening July 18, is a master lesson in the architecture idiom “form follows function.” Every single part of the 420,000-square-foot complex has been designed with the cosmos in mind.

3. How Cryptocurrency Could Change the Way We Travel

◆ The one-of-a-kind digital files known as non-fungible tokens upended the art world this year. Next up? The travel industry, which may soon use cryptocurrency-backed NFTs to quantify the value of our vacations.

4. This New Luxury Train Concept Is a ‘Palace on Wheels’

◆ French designer Thierry Gaugain — best known for designing the kind of superyachts favored by the rich and famous — is setting his sights on train travel, which is seeing a rise in popularity as a more environmentally sustainable way to get around. Gaugain’s new G Train concept aims to take rail travel up several notches, though. He describes his vision as a “palace on rails” stretching for more than 1,300 feet with 14 cars.

5. The Future of Italy’s Dolce Vita Might Be on These Luxury Sleeper Trains

◆ Step aside, Venice Simplon-Orient-Express — there’s another luxury train service coming. Italy will soon welcome visitors to the rails aboard the Treno della Dolce Vita (or Dolce Vita train), a series of indulgent sleeper trains that will travel around the country in utmost style. Plans are in the works for the new service, which will start in 2023 and eventually have 10 routes winding through Italy’s best landscapes, covering 10,000 miles of tracks with stops in 128 cities in 14 of the country’s regions.

6. 11 Exciting New Hotels in Rome for Every Type of Traveler

◆ A host of international brands is about to shake up Eternal City’s hotel scene. If the recent news that Americans can visit Italy without quarantining isn’t enough to make you plan a trip, a spate of exciting hotel openings in the Eternal City might just be. And though Rome is home to reader favorites like the Hassler, Hotel de Russie, and Hotel Eden, this new crop of properties will give the city’s hotel scene a decidedly more international flavor.

7. This Brand-new Hotel in Italy Is Home to the World’s First Truffle Concierge

◆ If your idea of a next-level return to travel is hunting for truffles in the northern Italian countryside, then we have terrific news: There is now a hotel in Italy with the world’s first truffle concierge. Casa di Langa, a 39-room hotel on more than 40 hectares of vineyards and forested hills, just opened in the heart of Piedmont (a.k.a. truffle country).

8. Resorts World Las Vegas Opens June 24 — and We Have an Inside Peek

◆ Starting Thursday, travelers will have a new option on where to stay, as Resorts World Las Vegas officially opens its doors on June 24. The mega-resort is “the first ground-up development on the Strip in over a decade. The massive new resort brings three new hotels, dozens of restaurants, and more to the Las Vegas Strip.

9. T+L’s 50 Most Notable People in Travel: 2021

◆ Behind every change, the travel world has seen in the past year — and in the past 50 — there are people. Some people on this list are industry veterans and famous firsts; others are adventurers and athletes, writers and photographers, chefs and conservationists, filmmakers and designers, historical icons and modern heroes.

10. Disney World Updates ‘Hall of Presidents’ to Include New Animatronic of Joe Biden

◆ Disney World’s “The Hall of Presidents” will reopen in August with its newest addition, an animatronic replica of Joe Biden, complete with the president’s signature aviator sunglasses. The newest addition to the attraction includes a recitation of the presidential oath of office Biden recorded for the attraction, according to Disney, as well as a table full of appropriate props like the classic specs and peach blossoms representing Biden’s home state of Delaware.

11. Canada to Lift Cruise Ship Ban in November

◆ Previously, cruising in Canada was not expected to resume until February 2022. Cruise ships can resume sailing in Canada on Nov. 1, the country’s Minister of Transport announced Thursday.

12. U.S. to Keep Land Borders With Canada, Mexico Closed Despite Canadian Announcement to Welcome Americans

◆ Canada announced it’ll welcome American travelers on Aug. 9. The United States on Wednesday extended the land border closure between the country, Canada, and Mexico for another month, despite Canada planning to welcome vaccinated U.S. travelers in August. The border, which has been closed since March 2020 and extended on a monthly basis since, will now remain closed to non-essential travel from Canada and Mexico to the U.S. until at least Aug. 21, DHS announced on Twitter.

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