2021 LuxPin Weekly Travel Abstract from the Latest News W3 October

Week 03, October 2021

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” 〜 D. Runes

By LuxPin Team

1. This Train Trip Takes You Through the Arctic Circle Under the Midnight Sun

◆ Looking ahead at all the possibilities in 2022 begins with booking that trip to the Arctic Circle that you’ve long been dreaming about. Up Norway is ready to bring you along for a vacation unlike any other with its Arctic Circle Express journey. This railway trip begins in Oslo, where guests will board for an 11-night expedition through the nation’s most beautiful landscapes.

2. Tour This Famed English Castle With the Duchess Who Lives There

◆ You may recognize the castle from Downton Abbey or Harry Potter. The castle (pronounced “Ann-Nick”) gained 21st-century fame as a filming location for both Harry Potter and Downton Abbey. But royal fans will love that it’s the second-largest inhabited castle in England, after Windsor. Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, has partnered with luxury travel provider Luxury Gold to bring people behind the scenes of Alnwick Castle, her home in northern England.

3. This New European Rail Company Is Launching Sleeper Trains That Are Basically Like a ‘Hotel on Rails’

◆ The first route of the Midnight Trains service is expected to launch in 2024. One French startup is stepping in to fill the void not only by offering overnight trains to and from Paris but also by doing it in style. Founded by Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet, the company recently revealed its plans to overhaul the basic overnight train experience to offer what its website describes as a “hotel on rails.”

4. A New Low-cost Train Service Is Coming to the UK — and It Will Connect London to Edinburgh for $20

◆ Fans of train travel have had lots to celebrate in recent years. Luxury sleeper trains are in the works for top European destinations, Egypt will debut its first-ever high-speed train line within the next two years, and Amtrak is getting a new fleet of high-speed, low-carbon trains. For those looking to explore the U.K., there’s more good news: A new low-cost electric rail service is launching next month. Designed with both affordability and sustainability in mind, the new company, called Lumo, will make its debut with train service between London and Edinburgh.

5. These Are the World’s 20 Most Tranquil Cities, According to a New Study

◆ Icelandair conducted a study analyzing factors such as light pollution, congestion, happiness levels, and traffic congestion to determine which cities around the world offer their residents the most relaxing environments. Coming in first place is Bergen, Norway, ranked highly for its very low levels of traffic congestion (13%), low levels of light and noise pollution (25), and a high average life expectancy of 83 years.

6. These Are the Most and Least Stressful Cities to Live In, According to a New Study

◆ For the study commissioned by the CBD and hemp brand Vaay, researchers looked at 15 stress indicators, including safety, unemployment rate, weather, gender equality, and health access, in 500 global cities before narrowing it down to the top 100 with the most reliable data. According to The Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021 released this month, Reykjavik, Iceland, earned the top spot as the least stressful city around the world, followed by Bern, Switzerland, and Helsinki, Finland.

7. Cross-country Skiing Is This Winter’s Hottest Sport — Here’s How to Get Started

◆ As winter approaches, my caution to you is this: Don’t get left out in the cold, get into cross-country skiing now. Do not delay, do not not pass GO, do not collect $200 — proceed immediately to your nearest ski shop or sporting goods dealer, and get your gear before it’s too late. You do not need to live near a mountain to cross-country ski, you just need snow, which makes almost half of these United States eligible. Here is a cross-country skiing primer for you.

8. The Ultimate Après-ski Guide — From What to Wear to Where to Go

◆ It’s a time to loosen your ski boots, check in with your comrades, and rehash your “epic” ski day (tall tales welcome). But before you can fully enjoy that après-ski drink, it’ll help to know the ins and outs of this culturally imperative part of the ski day. Here’s everything you need to know about après-ski, including what not to do.

9. See What Travel Habit Your State Is Known for With New Data From Kayak

◆ New data from Kayak shared with Travel + Leisure reveals the habits of travelers from state to state, from spending to length-of-stay, and more. Travelers in Rhode Island, for example, had the most searches for business and first-class tickets in the country. while those in Nebraska, on the other hand, had the least.

10. This Midwestern Resort Is a 12,000-acre Winter Wonderland With Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing, and Skating

◆ Sand Valley, a resort destination in Rome, Wisconsin, is inviting travelers everywhere to come and experience a bit of midwest hospitality this fall and winter. Located in the middle of 12,000 acres of private land, the resort’s upcoming events and offerings will foster a sense of connectedness that is emblematic of the spirit of Sand Valley.

11. 9 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Paris, According to a Local

◆ First things first: Even the French — meaning non-Parisians — don’t always get it right when visiting the country’s capital. Here are nine travel mistakes to avoid on your next trip to Paris.

12. The 7 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home in Florida

◆ With 1,350 miles of beautiful coastline and sunny weather during most of the year, it should come as no surprise that Florida’s real estate market is among the top-performing in the country. And since many people still work remotely due to COVID-19, the Sunshine State is proving to be a particularly attractive place to own a vacation home. So, if you are thinking about investing in a vacation home in Florida, here are the best Florida towns, cities, and destinations to target.

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