2021 LuxPin Weekly Travel Abstract from the Latest News W5–1 June

Week 05–1, June 2021

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

By LuxPin Team

Prince William and Prince Harry looking at Princess Diana’s statue. Dominic Lipinski /Pool Photo via AP


◆ Prince Harry and Prince William commissioned the statue designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, known for his designs on British coins in 2017. Prince William and Prince Harry unveiled a statue of their mother, Princess Diana, on Thursday, which would have been her 60th birthday. The statue will stand in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Gardens, which was one of the princess’ favorite places when she resided at the palace.

Royal fan John Loughrey arranges flowers for Britain’s Princess Diana, outside Kensington Palace in London. Henry Nicholls/Reuters


◆ July 1 would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, and her sons unveiled a statue in her honor. Before the reveal, royal fans arrived at Kensington Palace to pay tribute to the late princess. Some popped champagne and others donned Union Jack flags — all in memory of the beloved princess.

A view of 50th anniversary decorations on Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom. Disney Parks


◆ October 1 marks 50 years since Magic Kingdom, the first Disney World park, opened in Florida. Disney World turns 50 this year, and the theme park will host “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” in honor of the event.

The Old Village is situated on Loch Tay. Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group.


◆ The ancient ruins of a village in Scotland that is said to be haunted is on sale for just $173,000. It covers 3.31 acres and comes with a private beach, native woodland, and fishing rights on the loch. The Old Village consists of 17th-century ruins, including the House of Lawers, a site that stands on the former home of the Lady of Lawers — who is said to haunt the village to this day.



◆ Be excited, but be prepared. Like anywhere in the world today, there are spikes in certain places. But, at least now, officials are ready for whatever comes their way. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Portugal and Europe as a whole in the months to come.



◆ United Airlines just announced the purchase of 270 new aircraft from Boeing and Airbus on Tuesday, marking the largest purchase in the airline’s history and the start of a complete experience overhaul. With the purchase, part of a new initiative called “United Next,” the airline plans to increase seat capacity by almost 30% by 2026. Every seat in the fleet will soon feature a seatback entertainment screen and larger overhead bins for carry-ons.



◆ United Airlines celebrated Juneteenth with a special flight from Houston to Chicago with an all-Black crew from the flight attendants and pilots to the gate agents, and more. “This flight represents our commitment to doing our part to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace and world.”



◆ United Airlines customers could soon fly from New York to London in just three and a half hours thanks to the airline’s investment in supersonic planes. The super-fast, futuristic planes would be capable of flying from Newark to Frankfurt, for example, in four hours (a trip that normally takes over 7 hours) and San Francisco to Tokyo in only six hours (the route currently clocks in at over 10 hours).



◆ It’s a view you’ve just got to see. New York City’s rooftop scene is about to get a major upgrade. On July 1, Somewhere Nowhere, the city’s newest lounge, nightclub, and rooftop pool are set to open, providing “New Yorkers and visitors from around the world with an enchanted, wanderlust getaway from Manhattan’s busy city streets.”



◆ New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts will hang images from animated Disney classics on its walls this winter. The exhibit, entitled “Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts,” will include stills from Disney films and the works of European art that inspired their visual style.

Housed in a 15-year-old historic church, this Nashville hotel has gorgeous original details like the huge stained glass window. Trip Advisor


◆ With a famous music scene, nightlife, and lip-smacking food, Nashville’s always up for a good time. The city’s Downtown area is undergoing an exciting boom of mid-range and luxury hotels. Here are the best Nashville hotels ranging from $149 to $334 per night in the low season.

This mansion is an excellent example of New Orleans’ Greek Revival style. Airbnb


◆ New Orleans is always a popular year-round destination thanks to its relatively warm winter weather and budget-friendly prices during quieter summer months. The city can be pricey during peak times, such as Mardi Gras, but is often an affordable getaway. Here are the best New Orleans Airbnbs from the French Quarter to the Lower Garden District.

ewg3D/Getty Images


◆ There are dozens of great places to stay across the country, from luxury parks with high-end recreational facilities to parks that look out over remote natural wonders, from Florida beaches to New England forests. Here are the best spots, and ones that should give you a good amount of choice.

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